✎ When U.P. in Mindanao was established first as a School of Management, and then as a Constituent University of the University of the Philippines System, the Main Library collection was also started. Briccio M. Merced, Jr., the first librarian of U.P. in Mindanao initially developed it.

✎ The Main Library collection was integrated into the core collection of the School of Management (SOM) Library from its first location at the Stanfilco building, Ladislawa Avenue, Buhangin district, Davao City, in 1996. When classes opened in June of that year, the Filipiniana and General References were housed together with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) collection. This was at room no. 2 of the then newly opened ladies residence hall of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA). While Merlyn L. Mercadera, the 3rd staff hired by the Library was the library-in-charge; Crismerie E. Jaculbe assisted Mr. Merced at SOM by doing the clerical and administrative services of both libraries.

✎ In the second semester of academic year 1996-1997, the CAS Library moved to its campus at Bago Oshiro where the collections were housed at room 203, the northernmost part of the newly renovated building, an abandoned structure left by the University of Southeastern Philippines. Merlyn Pacres-Castañeros, who was hired in July 1997, took over the library since was Ms. Mercadera was transferred back to the city campus at the School of Management Library. Gil B. Flauta, hired as the library's bookbinder and utility worker in December 1996, assisted Ms. Castañeros. Ms. Jaculbe was also transferred to the library's new location.

✎ In March 1998, the CAS Library again transferred to the annex of the same level, this time occupying the southernmost part of the building. At this location, two college libraries existed side by side the Main Library collections with the dissolution of the defunct CAS - the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM), and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Libraries. With the increase in enrollment and the further development of the collection additional staff were hired. Violita Romero-Marteja became the librarian-in-charge of the CSM although she started as a clerk I in July 2000 replacing Ms. Jaculbe who resigned from the library. In late December 0f 2003, Ms. Romero resigned. Ms. Mercadera who was assisted by Ms. Divina T. Labiao in March 2004 replaced her in an organizational revamp. Ms. Castañeros took care of the CHSS collection when it was transferred to the Administration building in December 2003 while Dr. Merced took over the SOM Library.

✎With the volume of work in the administrative services division, Marnelli D. Dasas was hired as a clerk I in October 2000. As a registered librarian, Ms. Dasas was also called on to assist the service areas. Replacing Ms. Dasas at the Main Library collection was Vergel R. Suaybaguio who stayed from June 2002 to March 2003. The resignation of other library staff necessitated the transfer of Ms. Dasas to the user education and services division. In her stead was Ms. Arlene Cabatino who worked for only a week. The shortest to have occupied the position was Esteban Acasio who worked only for two days sometime in May of 2003. Ms. Alessandra A. Guimba replaced him in May of the same year.