Technical and Administrative Services

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The Acquisitions Section implements pertinent policies affecting the Book Fund as stated in the University Library Organic Act. The Section initiates the purchases of books, continuing resources, electronic resources, and educational media. Requests from faculty members,duly approved by the College Library Committee, are prepared by the College Librarian. Purchase Requests, certified by the University Librarian, are coordinated with the Budget Office for allocation, recommended for approval by the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and finally, approved by the Chancellor. These are then forwarded to the Accounting Office for recording and the Supply Office for posting in the Phil-GEPS where interested suppliers bid on the internet for delivery based on approved regulations.

Also, whenever there are opportunities to acquire and select information materials, the faculty as the primary selector, accomplishes the order slips, submits them to book dealers in which they return these slips to the library together with the chosen title.

Collection development, access, and promotion are the division's ongoing activities. All acquired materials are already accessible from the online catalog of the University Library. As of February 2016, the total collection has reached reached 32,850 volumes consisting of books, continuing resources, electronic and educational media.

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