DAvao Colleges and Universities Network (DACUN) Directory

Position School Name
President Brokenshire College DR. Linell G. Malimbag
Vice - President University of the Philippines Mindanao PROF. Sylvia B. Conception, PhD
Secretary University of the Immaculate Conception S. MA. Marissa R. Viri, RVM
Treasurer San Pedro College Dr. Desiderio N. Noveno, Jr.
Auditor University of Southeastern Philippines DR. Lourdes Generalao
Members : Davao Doctors College Prof. Miguel D. Soledad
Philippines Women's College - Davao MR. Conrado L. Benitez II
Rizal Memorial Colleges Atty. Ernesto Raphael V. Robillo
Holy Cross of Davao College MSGR. Julius Rodulfo
Assumption College of Davao Sr. Eufrocina L. Bandigan, m.a
University of Mindanao Dr. Guillermo P. Torres Jr.
Executive Director Maria Julieta R. Torres, CPA, MBA